Before you sign off on that multi-million dollar new product development project, launch a marketing campaign or walk in to a potential customer to deliver a sales pitch, it is imperative that you have a very good understanding of the market; be it emerging trends, customer needs and preferences or the competitive landscape.

What better way to build this knowledge than by surveying the market itself! At Procre8, we follow a simple three step process. First, we work with our clients to design survey questionnaires that will have the best chance of providing insightful responses. Next we work with our partners to ensure that the survey is distributed to the right respondents. Finally we collate the responses, interpret the results and prepare a comprehensive report which serves as an invaluable business tool for our clients.

Furthermore, in most cases, we use the insight from these surveys to write press releases and bylined articles that position our clients as thought leaders and garner them further exposure.